Furnishings with exacting design for cats

Design objective

Why must cat beds and scratching posts reveal their purpose at first glance? Those who like to surround themselves with unusual design will find a small yet fine collection of “furniture showpieces” at cat-interiors which can be combined perfectly with a modern living environment.

In order to become part of the collection, our products must meet two criteria which we scrutinise prior to production.
- Cats accept the product, use it and visibly feel happy with it.
- Unusual design transforms a normal piece of furniture for cats into a “furniture showpiece”.

Product quality
Only the best is good enough for us. We use hardwearing felt made from pure new sheep’s wool, high-quality, long-lasting fabrics, rattan wickerwork, leather and resilient metal for cat-interiors’ design creations.

We are keen to mention that cat-interiors’ products are manufactured in Germany. We enlist manufacturing companies in Upper Franconia to produce our high-quality products. You do not receive a mass-produced product from an assembly line. Instead, you receive a design object which is largely hand-made!